Twentieth anniversary portraits: Jay Scott, a lifelong LCL Awards learner

07 Jun 2024

Jay and his sons, Ryan and Josh

We’ve been interviewing a number of key members of staff recently to find out what they think about the company in its twentieth year. We thought we’d talk to someone who has a different perspective, a lifetime learner. Jay Scott has worked in BSE for all his life. Over the years he has taken more LCL Awards’ qualifications than he can remember and he’s very appreciative of the doors the training and awards have opened for him:

I left school with absolutely nothing, and no idea what direction I wanted to take. There’s no way I’d be where I am now if it weren’t for the apprenticeship I took and the LCL Awards qualifications I’ve completed since then, to build on knowledge base. I’ve been working now for nearly thirty years and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m passionate about this industry and getting the next generation into the trades.”

Jay worked as a self-employed heating engineer for a long time, supplementing his core skills with add-on qualifications to broaden his scope. His business was very successful, and he was able to support his family comfortably. Four years ago, in his early forties, Jay sold the business and now works as Senior Technical Development Manager for Belfor, the flood and fire restoration company. 

“I love the work I do here. I’m responsible for bringing on and training our new employees and have a training budget to spend on whatever I feel is relevant for those working in the skilled trades these days. It’s an interesting time, with the move towards renewables, but we’re going to need gas engineers for a good number of years to come and LCL Awards qualifications in both areas are second to none. Their standards are very high and more than any other Awarding Body, I feel they have their finger on the pulse - providing the best qualifications for those starting out and those who are more experienced and want to learn new skills to keep them in the game.” 

“The great thing about LCL Awards qualifications is that they equip learners with a really good foundation in the skills they need, allowing them to become adaptable and flexible in their thinking - to navigate their way through problem solving.”

“I’ve recently qualified in the installation and maintenance of air source heat pumps. I was able to take advantage of the Government’s scheme to help engineers train in this area and will use the same funding to train up our young pups here. At the moment we have three apprentices and a couple of older engineers, who are keen to learn more. Things may be slowing down on building sites, but our business is doing very well. We’ve 75% growth year-on-year and can invest in our staff, offering them great training opportunities.”

“Sadly, the UK’s education system is struggling at the moment. The level of training that colleges can offer isn’t what it used to be and many of the staff, facing budget cuts and an ailing infrastructure, have lost their motivation. The rise of the independent training centre over the last decade or so just goes to show that what the private sector can offer is superior. There’s more competition so the quality of training and provision is much higher. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that LCL Awards has played an important part in raising standards and the profile of the skilled trades in general and the private training centre in particular. They outstrip their competitors by a mile.

“As you can see, I’ve got a lot to say and a lot of energy and passion for the subject. I’ve recently become a Chartered Construction Manager and I am in the process of becoming a STEM Ambassador for Northamptonshire, where I live. It’s a voluntary role, I will go into schools and sixth form colleges and promote engineering careers. I can’t wait!

“I’m passionate about getting more people into the industry and feel very proud that my two sons Ryan and Josh have followed me into BSE careers. They both work as heating engineers beside me here at Belfor. Ryan’s 23 now and has his own home and this month, my younger son, Josh has just taken possession of his new house. They both had a tough time at school, where they weren’t regarded as academic, and struggled to feel enthusiastic about going to university. LCL Awards offers youngsters with passion and commitment a way to make something of themselves. My boys work hard and with the careers they’ve chosen, they’re able to see the results of the efforts they put in. Being able to combine work with periods of training leads to a rewarding and sustainable career growth. It’s a recipe I think works very well – with LCL Awards being an important ingredient!”