Twentieth anniversary portraits: Aaron Grell, Quality Assurance Manager

04 Jul 2024

Aaron Grell has been Quality Assurance Manager at LCL Awards for almost a year and he has settled well, pleased to find a company that feels as strongly about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) as he does. 

Before joining us, Aaron worked for twelve years in the healthcare regulation system, firstly for the General Pharmaceutical Council and then the General Optical Council, where he shaped and wrote the QA Framework. He spent two years developing the Council’s gender policy, something feels particularly proud of, and he set up a number of initiatives to support under-represented groups. One of these was a staff network called Embrace, for which he was Chair. 

“LCL Awards has brought me in as part of the Senior Management Team, to work on various aspects of Quality Assurance. I shall be reviewing the company’s EDI policy and working on the development of the Inclusivity Charter.

“I manage the EQA teams and we’re currently reviewing and developing many of our process systems, to make them more efficient. A lot of this involves the development of better digital systems to streamline and improve the workflow. I’m also involved in compliance and malpractice administration, heading up a team to support centres who need firmer guidance.” 

Integrity is very important to Aaron who, has himself been subject to prejudice in the past. He has worked hard to get where he is and wants to use his position to ensure everyone feels a sense of belonging when they are at work so that they are empowered to achieve their full potential. He fully endorses LCL Awards’ Inclusivity Charter and is keen to develop it further:

“I am deeply passionate about the Inclusivity Charter because I have experienced the devastating effects of racism in my own career and life. The fact that I have a child who has high Special Education Needs and a wife who is disabled, further ignites my commitment, as I have been able to witness first-hand the obstacles and discrimination faced by me and my loved ones. 

“I feel driven to combat racial discrimination and tackle the barriers against underrepresented individuals. Everyone, regardless of race, gender, or ability, deserves equal opportunities and respect. It is through our collective efforts towards inclusivity that we can build a world in which everyone can thrive and contribute their unique talents.

“LCL Awards’ Inclusivity Charter which was launched in 2019 is an amazing initiative, designed to help stamp out bias in the construction and engineering sectors. So far, it has largely focussed on gender, and I am working on ways to expand it to cover race, the LGBTQ+ community and neurodiversity. There are many scientific studies out there that show how careers in the BSE sector are well suited to the abilities of neurodivergent candidates. This is incredibly exciting.”

Aaron will be presenting a workshop at the Forum this year to promote the charter and update LCL Awards’ commitment to making their approved centres welcoming spaces where all learners feel welcome and respected.