Twentieth anniversary portraits: Jessica Lowe, longtime PR and marketing support provider

26 Jun 2024

Jessica Lowe is the founder of Jello PR, a full-service PR and marketing agency focussing on the built environment. She has been working with LCL Awards since 2007 and has supported the company’s growth through her skills and comprehensive knowledge of the sector.

Jess began her career working for PRG in 2006, which specialised in PR and marketing for the Building Services Engineering (BSE) sector. Initially she met Kevin and Mark through Logic4training - her first ever PR client. She started working for LCL Awards not long after.

Jess started her own business, Jello PR, in 2010, and continued to focus on building services, an area she admits is niche, but one she loves. Jess explains what draws her to it:

“It’s a combination of things. I like the people who work in Building Services and the fact that the sector is increasingly at the forefront of the green agenda. I’m proud to be promoting businesses that are passionate about addressing climate change and more sustainable ways of working.

“LCL Awards is a very proactive, positive company. Mark and Kevin have been very receptive to changes and improvements in the industry and are constantly working to raise the standards of Building Services training through the development of qualifications and the support of their network of approved centres. 

“One of the most satisfying parts of the work we do for them is covering stories generated by the training centres. There are so many positive initiatives coming through - one stand-out story we’ve covered recently is the installation of a full-size three-bedroomed house for candidates to work on inside the training facility at Energy Training Academy in, Mid Lothian! 

"Others include collaborations between LCL Awards and centres in the development of qualifications. For example, the work they have done with renewables experts GTEC, or the bespoke and often industry-leading qualifications developed with the likes of Morgan Lambert and Business Edge.

“I’ve noticed a real shift in engagement from centres over the last five years or so as they begin to see the value of PR and marketing through interesting stories like these. The digital side in particular has become increasingly important. More recently, I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with JL Creative for this part of the marketing mix - experts in SEO, PPC and generally helping businesses get found online. LCL Awards centres can find out more about what we do and how it could help them, at the Forum!

“Exciting projects include their rebranding in 2019. We introduced what was then Logic Certification to Joe Hedges of Mesh, who helped us change the name and refresh the company’s logo and presentation to something more reflective of the modern direction of the business. 

"The Inclusivity Charter is another initiative close to my heart. Jello undertook research and sourced guidance from experts, such as Hattie Hasan, founder of all-female plumbing company, Stopcocks, to help LCL Awards shape their Inclusivity Charter, designed to encourage more women and other under-represented groups into the trades.

"We are now working with Aaron Grell to update and extend the Charter’s reach to ensure greater inclusivity, and understanding of people from all walks of life. Neurodiversity, for example - statistically, BSE has a high number of neurodivergent people in it compared with other professions, and we need to make sure centres cater for different types of learners.

“LCL Awards’ annual Forum is always a highlight. This year, we’re launching 'LCL – The Awards' as part of the twentieth anniversary celebrations. I’m thrilled that we’ve had such positive feedback to our call-out for entries and look forward to honouring the achievements of LCL Awards centres at our event on 4th July.

“It’s great to look back and see how far LCL Award has come. The company is truly committed to what it does, and its integrity is consistent. As its profile has risen, it’s been exciting to see it develop a more prominent voice. LCL Awards is now the UK’s leading provider of renewables qualifications, real experts in the field and as such it would be great to see their reputation spread further into the wider media and the public realm.” '