It’s time to sign-up for the LCL Awards Forum

16 Apr 2024

Our forthcoming Forum, to be held at the National Space Centre in Leicester on Friday 5th July, will be extra special this year as we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary. We’d love you to join us!

Here is the programme we’ve organised - a series of useful sessions delivered by LCL Awards staff.

Please register for the event here and sign up for one workshop in each session, so that you can get the most out of the day.

Register by 8th May to avoid disappointment.









ACS – updates and changes

Parnassus – help, assistance and troubleshooting

EAP XAMS – Introduction and assistance

Audit preparation and assistance

QMS - Common issues experienced during audits

Marketing and Publicity (Jello PR & JL Creative)


MLP – updates and FAQ

SMART Metering – Updates for 2024

Ecordia – Guidance when using with Plumbing, Electrotechnical and Gas Qualifications


The registration form provides the opportunity to ask questions in advance, which hopefully we will be able to answer in the workshops. If not, we can provide feedback after the event.

You’ll have free access to the Space Museum throughout the day, so plan time for a visit – it’s really worth it!

20th anniversary social and Awards

We will be kicking off the anniversary celebrations with an evening social event at the Hilton Hotel in Leicester on Thursday 4th July where we will be launching LCL – The Awards, a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our centres.

The award categories are as follows:

Green Centre Award: The LCL Green Centre Award recognises a centre that is making an exceptional contribution to upskilling the installer base for net zero and promoting the use of renewable technologies in the built environment.

Innovation Award: The LCL Innovation Award acknowledges a centre that demonstrates outstanding creativity and forward-thinking in its approach to training delivery, course design, and/or technological advancement.

Inclusivity Award: The LCL Inclusivity Award recognises centres that actively create a welcoming and inclusive environment where learners and staff feel safe, supported and considered.

Gas Centre Award: The LCL Gas Centre Award recognises a centre that demonstrates outstanding excellence in gas training and certification – from ACS renewal to new entrants - covering all types of gas; Natural, LPG, Hydrogen, in domestic and/or commercial settings.

Electrical Centre Award: The LCL Electrical Centre Award celebrates a centre that demonstrates exceptional commitment to excellence in electrical training and certification, whether that’s ‘traditional’ domestic electrical works, or future-proof solutions.

For more information about the awards and how to enter, please click here

Both events are free to attend for all LCL Awards Approved centres - there will be a charge of £50 applied to your account if you register and do not turn up, by registering your place you agree to this charge. There is an initial limit of four places per centre, however if spaces become available we will allocate these to those on the waiting list closer to the time.

If you have any queries about the Forum or the Awards please contact Neill Ovenden