Scotland’s Energy Technical Academy is awarded LCL Awards’ Inclusivity Charter

30 Mar 2023

Energy Technical Academy (ETA) has recently signed-up to LCL Awards’ Inclusivity Charter. We spoke to the company’s Senior Administrator, Rachel Wheeler, whose own experience makes her appreciate the accepting, welcoming environment that ETA promotes, to encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to work in the trades.  She explains:

“I previously worked in the Hospitality sector for 10 years, I was getting a bit tired of it and when the COVID pandemic hit I was forced to rethink my career goals. I had never worked in this industry - it was completely new to me and I am so thankful to Tommy, ETA’s Managing Director, for taking a chance and giving me the opportunity to learn something new and prove myself, which is essentially, the culture that ETA is built upon.

“We are thrilled that LCL Awards has recognised all we do here to make training accessible and appealing to all. I think the Inclusivity Charter represents an excellent use of LCL Awards’ influence in the sector. As an Awarding Organisation, the company is in the perfect position to reach a wide group of people and encourage them to join our industry. It’s 2023; so there’s no reason everyone shouldn’t be equally considered and accepted in whatever they want to do.  

“We shall be displaying our new plaque proudly and although we don’t do the ‘hard sell’ here, it would be great to see the charter enable us to reach a wider audience and encourage those from all walks of life to come see what we have to offer. We give free tours of the centre to anyone looking to pop in - and members of our team are always available so that potential candidates can have a chat about training for their future.

“As the trades are generally male dominated I it would be great to focus on encouraging more gender equality. Now we’ve been awarded the charter, we’ll certainly be think more conscious of how we pitch our marketing and the image we portray - to show that our courses are suitable for everyone.

“Energy Training Academy has always run evening and weekend classes to accommodate those with lifestyles that don’t allow them to train 9-5 and there are measures in place to consider those with learning or physical difficulties. As a company, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to deliver our training and we’re always open to feedback from our learners so that we can improve on what we do.

“Recently, we’ve welcomed some local councilors and MPs to the centre to help us raise our profile and explore the idea of accessing funding for students from lower incomes. In the past we’ve documented some of our learners’ journeys on social media and this is something we’d like to expand upon. We’re planning a series of interviews with previous students from a variety of background, which will hopefully be relatable to prospective students.

“We’re excited to share the achievement of meeting the requirements for the Inclusivity Charter. Our passion and commitment to every learner has always been to support and prepare them for the next stage in their career. Tommy Smith and the whole team, work hard to create a positive environment and culture where everyone is encouraged to grow and succeed. After all knowing you will be accepted is so important to anyone setting out in a new career.”

To find out more about what Energy Technical Academy has on offer for learners in Scotland, please click here and to find out more about the LCL Awards’ Inclusivity Charter, please click here.