F-Gas Legislation update

09 Nov 2017

Legislation relating to F-Gas has been updated recently and there are changes to requirements in qualifications for those who work on systems and equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gas).

The overriding objective of the new legislation is to reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases used predominantly in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors, in order to make a significant positive contribution to climate change.

New requirements for engineers and businesses

If you are a sole trader

  • you must hold a personal F-Gas qualification
  • AND a company F-Gas certificate

If you’re a business that works on third party systems or equipment

  • you must hold a company F-Gas certificate
  • AND each engineer must hold a personal qualification certificate

Qualifications are valid for five years so in the switch over-period, for those who qualified under 2006 F-Gas rules, you are qualified to work on systems that contain F-Gas if you have:

  • an in-date certificate issued by an accredited organization
  • an equivalent qualification that another EU member state recognises

You will need to re-qualify when your certificate expires.

If you carry out work without and in-date certificate you could be subject to enforcement action

Choosing the right qualification

There are four categories of qualifications for engineers dealing with Stationary refrigeration and air conditioning (SRAC) systems, including heat pump systems:

  • Category I certificate - to carry out all activities
  • Category II certificate - to install, maintain, service and recover refrigerant from systems containing less than 5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (CO2e)
  • Category III certificate - to recover refrigerant from systems that contain less than 3 kg of F gas
  • Category IV certificate - to check equipment for leaks if you don’t break into the refrigeration circuit

New F-Gas qualifications from Logic Certification:

  • LCL Level 3 Award in F-Gas: Install, Service, Maintain, Recovery, Decommission and Leakage Checking of Systems (Category I)
  • LCL Level 3 Award in F-Gas: Install, Service, Maintain, Recovery, Decommission and Leakage Checking of Refrigerant Systems with a Charge of less than 3kg (6kg if hermetically sealed) (Category II)
  • LCL Level 2 Award in F-Gas: Recovery of Refrigerant Systems with a Charge of less than 3kg (6kg if hermetically sealed) (Category Ill)
  • LCL Level 2 Award in F-Gas: Leakage Checking of Refrigerant Systems (Category IV)

LCL’s new F-Gas qualifications are ideal for meeting the updated legislative requirements and are available at various approved centres across the country. 

The guided learning inputs are delivered as a mixture of teacher led classroom and workshop based, practical learning. On completion of the training learners will undertake a performance and theory assessment, including an online e-examination. For more information click here

How to certify for a company F-Gas certificate

Your company must be certified by one of the following organisations if it services refrigeration or stationary air conditioning and heat pump systems for other businesses:

You must renew your company’s certification every 3 years.

In order to obtain company certification, you must be able to demonstrate that you:

  • employ sufficient trained staff to carry out your work
  • have procedures in place for the safe handling of F-Gases and to minimise emissions

You can meet the first requirement by recording the certificate numbers of any F-Gas qualifications received by your employees.

You can meet the second requirement by developing a written procedure for handling F-Gases, including the equipment used.

You may be audited by the body that certified you to check you meet these requirements.

*Your company doesn’t have to be certified if it only services its own equipment.

Are you an existing or prospective LCL centre interested in delivering F Gas? Click here to register your interest.