Introducing our new Quality Assurance Manager, Aaron Grell

18 Aug 2023

Aaron Gell portrait photo

LCL Awards has appointed a new Quality Assurance Manager, Aaron Grell. Aaron has a background in auditing, process development, quality assurance, project and operational management, bringing a host of relevant skills and experience to the LCL Awards’ table.

Aaron previously worked in the healthcare sector, most recently for the General Optical Council (GOC) where he has held a number of positions. Prior to moving across to LCL Awards, Aaron was the Education Operations Manager for the GOC, dealing with quality assurance, stakeholder engagement and team leadership.

We caught up with Aaron to find out a bit more about his background and ambitions.

What were you doing prior to joining LCL Awards?

I worked for GOC for nine years, starting in Registration and then moving into the education side. Prior to that, I spent 2 years in regulatory compliance at the General Pharmaceutical Council.

What have been your biggest career achievements?

I have implemented various auditing and review frameworks, registration processes for both the UK and international candidates, and specific policies, including a Gender Recognition Policy. At the GOC, I played a key role in the transition to paperless working, streamlining workflows and engaging key stakeholders.

What attracted you to LCL Awards?

I was impressed by LCL Awards’ rapid growth and ambitions. It’s exciting to be part of an organisation that is moving forward and expanding with such influence and high regard in its industry.

The job role itself was appealing, bringing my skillsets into a new field of work. While building services training is very different to the healthcare sector, the processes I have learned and been involved with are imminently transferable.

How have you found the job so far?

I’m really enjoying LCL Awards so far. The team is extremely supportive and helpful, I feel I’ve integrated well and my understanding of the sector is growing rapidly. So far, so good!

What are you hoping to achieve?

I am hoping to develop processes to implement more streamlined workflows, as well as a move towards a more paperless way of working. System and database development is key to this.

How are you finding the building services sector/LCL Awards’ centres?

Interesting – the Forum (which took place on 29th July) provided a great opportunity to meet our centres and get a better understanding of the sector. I’m enjoying being a sponge for information.

Stakeholder engagement is one of my strengths, so I’m looking forward to building on centre relationships.