Amandine becomes LCL Awards’ new Quality Assurance & Support Co-ordinator

17 Feb 2022

Amandine Guiguet has been a familiar face at LCL Awards since 2019, when she joined the company as a Senior Administrator.  This January she took up a new role, as Quality Assurance & Support Co-ordinator, assisting Tracy Harker in supporting LCL approved centres.

Before she came to LCL Awards, Amandine, who speaks both English and French and had studied for her baccalaureate in France, honed her keen eye for detail working at a translation company in the UK from the age of eighteen.

She is thoroughly enjoying life at LCL Awards and settling well into her new role:

“It’s interesting working here, it’s fast paced – always busy - there’s always something to do!  We’re a good team and get on well and I’m thrilled with my new job. I’m learning so much about the auditing process and remote moderation.

“Because our department works with centres to uphold standards, the work I do is varied and feels worthwhile. Supporting centres in handling the assessment of their candidates effectively is an important part of the service we offer and helps us in being able to provide successful candidates with their certification in a timely and efficient way.”

Tracy is delighted that Amandine has joined her team:

“Amandine (or ‘Amo’ as she is known) is a great asset to the team and has adapted well to the auditing process.  She understands the need to support the EVs and centres, who are all busy but sometimes need a gentle reminder.  Amandine’s approachable and always happy to help.”