Where’s best to trade?

14 Feb 2019

A recent survey undertaken by Crusader Vans, shows the best locations in the UK for those trading in building services. The survey compared salaries, the number of vacancies and the number of businesses in various locations. The results were interesting – and encouraging.

Southend came out on top, particularly for those working in the electrical sector, with the second highest average salaries (£32,335), falling just behind London (£36,233).  Vacancy rates were good with 16 per 1,000 being in the trades. Plumbers too did well here, earning the highest rates in the country at more than £34,000 per year.

There’s demand for painters and decorators in Manchester and electricians were in high demand too, not surprising when you consider the city is the second most populous urban area in the UK. Average salaries here were £26,000.

Those looking to set up in a trade could do worse than head for the Midlands where average salaries fell between £26K and £27K. Wolverhampton had the highest rate of trade job vacancies, with 21 jobs per 1000 people and Coventry came out well for those looking for carpentry jobs - and those in the electrical trades.

Things look good in the North. Plumbers and electricians’ vacancies in York were relatively high with 14 jobs per 1,000 people and average salaries of £24,393 for tradespeople across the board. Sunderland too, had high vacancy rates for the trades.

Industry training on your doorstep

It seems there’s plenty of demand for building services engineers (BSE) and good salaries to be earned; training is key, however, to trade legally and safely, while keeping abreast of industry developments. Wherever you are in the country, there’s a Logic Certification centre close by that can help!

We are one of the leading BSE certification bodies in the UK, with centres in a wide range of locations across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Qualifications on offer include gas ACS, oil, plumbing, electrics, refrigeration and renewables. Click here to find a centre near you!