Take advantage of new heat pump and solar thermal markets!

23 Feb 2021

The Renewable Heat Installer Training & Support Scheme (RHITSS) has now launched, which offers installers up to 70% off the training and associated certification required to become a heat pump or solar thermal engineer.

LCL Awards is one of the Awarding Organisations approved to provide qualifications under this scheme - a great opportunity for our centres.

Despite only officially launching today (23rd Feb), the RHITSS’ organisers (LCL Awards’ centre, GTEC and MCS) have already had a huge amount of enquiries - so far over 500 companies have signed up and it is predicted that the RHITSS will help around 1,000 businesses in total.

The problem at the moment is that there are simply not enough training centres geared up to meet this demand.

We need you to deliver renewables training!

We know that some of our centres mothballed heat pump and solar thermal equipment and there are many more which have not yet branched into renewables.

Now is the time to take the plunge!

At the moment, training under the voucher scheme can be taken up until May, but this may well be extended due to the disruption caused by Covid19.

We’re here to help

We want our centres to benefit from this business boost and will help you every step of the way. We will be offering a rapid approval process for heat pumps (both air and ground source are covered by the RHITSS) and solar thermal.

On 11th March at 4.00 pm, we will be hosting a Q&A session where you can find out more about the RHITSS, the business potential and what your centre needs to do to get involved. The session will be hosted by Phil Williams and Tracy Harker from LCL Awards, and Griff Thomas from GTEC.

Financial and logistical support

What makes the RHITSS so appealing is that it covers financial and logistical support, meaning individual installers and businesses are hand-held through the whole process of getting trained and certified; from finding a suitable training provider and being match-made with a consumer to carryout ‘real’ practical work, to help with the paperwork and Quality Management Systems required to become MCS and TrustMark certified.

A minimum package of training and certification is worth approximately £1,300.

Apply for the RHITSS

Interested companies can apply for funding and find out more at www.rhitss.co.uk.

Contact Tracy Harker to find out how your centre can take advantage of this amazing opportunity: tracy.harker@lclawards.co.uk