Save the date: forthcoming WORKSHOP ON TRAINING

20 Jul 2021

In her role as Quality Assurance Manager at LCL Awards, Tracy Harker is often asked about training and qualifications for Trainers, Assessors and Internal Quality Assurers (IQA/IV) working in LCL Awards centres. 

As a result, Tracy has asked a provider of these qualifications, PM Training and Assessing, to help her facilitate an online workshop at 4pm on Thursday 23rd September.

This is just one of the companies used by our centres who provide these qualifications.

Tracy explained:

“Many of the MLP audits we have conducted have shown us that trainers working in our centres would like a recognised teaching qualification. They’re very often experienced staff, with many years in industry behind them but have had little “training” for their roles as Trainers, Assessors and IQAs. In particular feedback from many centres was that they’d like a formal teaching qualification to reflect their competence and skill.

“In other instances, we come across those who are just venturing into the world of training and assessment who say they would benefit from some practical help; being taught how to create a scheme or work and to fully grasp the benefits of lesson plans, etc. 

“As we move into the provision of longer courses for qualifications, such as plumbing, the subject becomes more relevant and I thought a workshop setting out the options would be beneficial”.

PM Training and Assessing, has a proven track record and a refreshing approach to the delivery of the qualifications. In the workshop we will outline the qualifications and explain how they can be delivered remotely or face to face.  Here are the qualifications we’ll explore:

  • Level 3 Award in Education & Training 
  • Level 3 Assessor Awards 
  • Level 4 IQA Awards 

Booking for the workshop is open to LCL Awards centres only and we wanted to give you lots of warning so that you can save the date: Thursday 23rd September at 4pm.  We hope you’ll join us.  To book, simply email