New requirement for ACS assessment in the pipeline

08 Jul 2019

The Standards Consultation Forum (SCF), has recommended to Gas Safe Register’s the Strategic Management Board (SMB) that candidates undertaking ACS assessment be required to demonstrate their competence in safe electrical isolation of appliances and equipment.

At the time of writing, the method and how and when this will be met has yet to be confirmed.

The competence requirement is to be based on guidance given in the Electrical Safety Council Publication Guidance on the Management of Electrical Safety and safe isolation procedures for low voltage installations - Best Practice Guide 2 (issue 3).

The final decision on how and when this new requirement will take effect is still to be decided, however it is anticipated to be introduced in early 2020.

The SFC meets regularly to ensure that employers, related experts, self-employed registered engineers and gas industry stakeholders are consulted in the setting up of competence standards.  

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