New electrical energy storage qualification!

23 Feb 2021

We are about to launch a new qualification in the installation of Electrical Energy Storage Systems (EESS), ideal for installers working on properties which generate electricity through renewable means; such as solar photovoltaics (PV) and wind power.

The qualification is a Level 3 Award for experienced electricians and meets the IET’s Code of Practice for Electrical Energy Storage Systems.

Why Electrical Energy storage?

The electrical energy storage market has moved on considerably in the last five years driven by a significant increase in renewable supplies (substantially PV and wind power) as well as a growing demand for electricity in general.

EESS technologies offer great potential in supporting the UK’s energy system by storing and releasing electricity when it is required, ensuring system stability and greater security of supply. Energy storage technologies will play a big part in the UK’s plans to decarbonise, allowing individual buildings to become more self-sufficient.

Who is the qualification for?

The new award has been designed for experienced practitioners working within the electrical industry, who hold a Level 3 electrical qualification and a current Level 3 BS7671 qualification. 

The qualification is ideal for those looking to update their current skill set, or as part of continuous professional development. An initial assessment of learners wishing to undertake the course should be conducted prior to enrolment, to check that the pre-requisites can be met.

How is the qualification assessed?

On completion of training, learners will be assessed by an online multiple-choice examination. There is also a four-part practical assessment.

Setting up this qualification at your centre

If you are already an LCL Awards Approved Centre, you can apply to add this qualification by completing the appropriate extension paperwork.

As there are only few individuals who have experience of this new sector, we will initially be offering a (remote) ‘Train the Trainer’ course to enable centres to upskill a member of their team, prior to delivery of the qualification to learners. This will be a one-off session; centres wanting to deliver this qualification in the future will be expected to have a member of staff with the qualification to enable them to teach learners.

If you would like to become an LCL Awards approved centre, or for more information, please get in touch with our business development team via: