Looking forward to 2021 – new opportunities for LCL Awards centres

17 Dec 2020

For most of us, seeing the back of 2020 will be a relief and although we’ll all be taking a cautious step into the new year, there’s plenty to look forward to in 2021 as far as training in the building services sector is concerned.

Green initiatives build demand

The Government’s commitment to greener future for energy and infrastructure has re-awakened interest in renewables, so it’s a great time to push the courses you offer in heat pumps, solar thermals and F-gas.

Green Homes Grant

The Green Homes Grant alone has created huge demand for thousands of engineers trained to install solar thermal heating and heat pumps.

Designed to promote reduced energy usage, the scheme offers homeowners and residential landlords up to £10,000 towards the cost of installing energy efficiency improvements to their properties, such as better insulation and the installation of low-carbon heating. Funding must be redeemed by March 2022, so next year is the year to focus on delivering training for the scheme.

Installers will be incentivised to upskill into technologies covered by LCL Awards qualifications by the Renewable Heat Incentive Training Support Scheme (RHITSS), a voucher scheme that offers up to 70% off the cost of training and certification with MCS and Trustmark. This is an exciting opportunity for training centres able to deliver related qualifications.

Renewable qualifications

Our suite of Renewables Qualifications includes a Level 3 Award in the Installation and Maintenance of Air Source Heat Pumps, Level 3 Award in the Installation of Heat Pumps (Non refrigerant circuits), which covers air and ground source heat pumps, and a Level 3 Award in the Installation and Maintenance of Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems, which installers will be able to redeem vouchers against under the RHITSS.

We also offer qualifications in F-gas, necessary for heat pump installers, and a range of specialist plumbing and heating qualifications including water regulations which are also key for heat-based renewables.

If your centre doesn’t already offer these, or you need help bringing renewables back into your portfolio (some of you may have the equipment, but stopped offering training), get in touch to discuss.

Opportunities for career changers

2020 has proved a tumultuous year for many and there’s been a growing interest in re-training across the board:

  • for those who have unfortunately found themselves out of work
  • for others seeking a more secure career path in the future
  • for those looking to make themselves more adaptable in the current marketplace by up-skilling and broadening their offer

Futures in gas

Our Managed Learning Programme (MLP), designed specifically for new entrants with little or no experience of working with gas, provides learners with an excellent foundation for a career in the energy sector as well as potential to specialise or diversify in years to come. 

Although gas is being phased out in new-builds, there are still over 70 million gas boilers in homes across the UK, requiring annual servicing and maintenance, so you can reassure learner’s there’s plenty of work to be found in the domestic gas sector in future.

Gas installers will be needed to facilitate hydrogen-based heating, which is currently being trialed, and it also provides the perfect stepping stone into renewables.

We’re here to help if you’d like to get in touch and discuss the options.

And what about 2021 at LCL Awards?

This year we’ve been busy developing a number of new qualifications which we plan to launch in 2021.

More on this in the months to come, but keep an eye out for our new Electric Vehicle MLP, suitable for new entrants and existing smart meter installers, as well as new awards in electric battery storage and electrical safety awareness.

We very much look forward to hearing from you if we can help develop your range of training options for the year ahead, but in the meantime, all the best for a happy and healthy Christmas and together, let’s make 2021 a year to remember – for all the right reasons!