LCL Awards launches e-portfolio for registered centres

18 Jan 2021

Our new e-portfolio is a very efficient way for candidates and assessors to keep track of practical experience gained on our Managed Learning Programme and our Smart Meter qualifications.  A series of records is built up over time to evidence a learner’s progress and these are available for review, at the touch of a button.

Remote record keeping

At the moment, when we’re all being encouraged to keep ourselves to ourselves during the pandemic, remote record keeping makes absolute sense. Once things get back to normal, the online evidencing system will continue to have real benefits.

It cuts down on time, travel and admin for a start and candidates and assessor will have an easily accessible archive of experience gained and feedback given.

The system is sophisticated and flexible in application, yet simple to use. It’s been set up in association with Ecordia and designed to be user friendly for both candidates and assessors.

Records can be accessed from both sides, updated and signed off once an assessment has been made. Email notifications are sent out when information has been added to a candidate’s records, prompting them, or the assessor, to act as appropriate.

Keen to find out more?

There are a couple of short videos on YouTube, if you’d like to take a look.

This video shows how canididates can prepare and submit evidence.

This video is from the assessor's perspective, showing how assessments can be made and feedback given.

The system is available to all centres registered with us and we’d like to invite you to try it out for yourself.  Please contact Tracy Harker if you would like to know more about either the e-portfolio or about becoming an LCL Awards approved centre. 

Tracy sees great potential in the new e-portfolio and what it has to offer:

“We’re currently putting together an IQA/IV video guide with Ecordia to fully explain how the e-portfolio works and we’ll be in touch to let you know when it’s ready.”

“We are also working on quarterly centre forums to bring people together and update you on new activities. This will give you the opportunity to pose questions and feedback on topics of interest - we’re always keen to work out how we can improve.  Details of these get-togethers will be sent out to all centres in the coming weeks.”