LCL Awards in Cyprus

25 Nov 2019

James Livingstone from LCL Awards, two MLP candidates, and Christina Aradipiotis, owner of CMS Training

Christina Aradipiotis owns and runs CMS Training in the town of Limasol on the south coast of Cyprus. Her mission is to support contractors working on the Sovereign Bases (SBAs) on the island as well as local businesses with the very best in training.  CMS Training has just put its first two learners through LCL Awards Managed Learning Programme and our Lead External Verifier & Technical Specialist, James Livingstone was keen to catch up with Christina and find out how it was all going.

JL: Congratulations on getting our MLP up and running. I’m delighted you’re now delivering the qualification in Cyprus – you’re our first international centre to deliver the award.

CA: Thank you. We’ve been offering ACS and Health and Safety training to contractors on the SBAs in-line with UK regulations for many years, so to offer your MLP to a new generation of potential engineers made sense. The existing number of qualified Gas Engineers in Cyprus is ageing - there’s a real need to attract new blood. These two candidates work for our main client and once they’ve qualified and we’re sure everyone’s happy with the results, the plan is to promote the award more widely.

JL: Yes, there’s a similar problem with an ageing pool of engineers in the UK and it’s good to see companies like yours addressing the skills gap. Another challenge must be the language barrier. How do you deal with that?

CA: We offer the same mandatory Greek/English Health and Safety courses that would run in the UK, with some translated into Greek so that we can ensure the contractors understand and comply with the UK Regulations, Risk Assessments and the whole Safe Systems at Work procedures. This is essential for contractors working on the SBAs, but also beneficial for other clients who want to offer the very best.

JL: You’re the only LCL Awards approved centre in Cyprus and have been offering our ACS for a number of years now. What led you to set up with LCL Awards in the first place?

CA: Your reputation. We believe in LCL Awards. When we were looking for a certification body that would work well with the ACS scheme for the SBAs we felt you were the natural choice. Our relationship over the last ten or so years hasn’t disappointed - you’re professional and very knowledgeable. We’ve grown a lot since our initial set up and these days offer over thirty ACS modules.

When it comes to the MLP, we found the initial set-up process to be very straight-forward, but we still have a lot to do before we can offer the programme to a greater number of candidates. It’s good to know we’ll have your support.

Our reputation is everything to us and we work hard to maintain our good name. We recognise that for companies to become leaders in their field and maintain advantage over their competitors, they need to be one step ahead with new training skills, so that’s what we work to provide.

By focusing in on specialist training we aim to arm individuals and companies with the tools and practices to help them face today’s industrial problems and a challenging future. We like to be flexible and react to the needs of our clients. If there’s a gap in training needs, we’ll fill it. We’ve offered Legionella training in the past and F-Gas is a possibility for next year. We like to meet our clients’ needs, exceed their expectations to give them the competitive edge.

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