LCL Awards Centres – do your candidates know about APHC’s training awards?

15 Jan 2020

The Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC) has announced the return of its training awards for 2020, with money off available for some LCL Awards courses.

What are training awards?

Over the course of the year, APHC sister company, APHC Training Ltd - a registered charity – will giveaway 100 training awards to plumbing and heating companies, worth £100 each.

The rewards are designed to incentivise installers to acquire new skills and can be put towards the costs of a certified training course.

Who is eligible?

Plumbing and heating companies do not have to be registered with APHC, application is open to all. 

APHC CEO John Thompson said:

“I would like to stress that the training reward is available to all plumbing and heating companies, regardless of whether they are a member of APHC. Also, APHC Training will pay up to £150 towards any certificated training course and not just an APHC training course. There are no catches or obligations and any plumbing and heating company can apply for one reward per year.”

Training courses must be certified and completed through a UKAS approved ACS provider, including LCL Awards, BPEC, City & Guilds and NICEIC.

How do you apply?

There are 25 training rewards up for grabs per quarter, limited to one per company.

Interested parties should apply for the reward before their training begins.  If their application is successful, on completion of their training, candidates need to send a copy of the training course invoice together with the course completion certificate to APHC who will then pay for the cost of the course, up to £150, into the employer’s business bank account. 

Further information and reward application forms can found here.

What can centres do?

Training awards are a great opportunity for plumbing and heating companies to get some money paid towards their training costs. 

Centres that get on board with the APHC’s message can help their candidates to save money and encourage plumbing and heating companies to invest in training their employees – injecting new skills into their business while increasing job satisfaction, motivation and loyalty.