Important updates to ACS regulations and codes of practice

25 Jan 2019

At the end of 2018 there were some important updates to domestic ACS assessments covering changes to the Gas Safety Regulations and standards. In addition, the guidance to the ACS scheme rules have been amended and now stipulate that newly qualified learners need to gain at least 6 months’ experience on the Gas Safe Register before they extend or the scope of their professional work.

LCL centres will no doubt be familiar with these changes and using the updated assessment documentation we provided. There have also been changes to ACS standards in the non-domestic, catering and LPG sector, to which centres have also been notified and provided appropriate assessment documentation.

New standards for the catering sector

Non Domestic ACS assessments have been updated to include revisions to BESA publication DW172 - Kitchen Ventilation Systems:

These changes to DW172 have come about due to technical advancements in the design of catering equipment and reflect current legislation for the latest cooking techniques. A thorough understanding of these changes is essential for all sectors of the catering industry.

New standards for LPG

UKLPG has recently published Code of Practice 25, a brand new publication detailing the design, installation and maintenance of central LPG storage facilities which distribute to multiple properties such as metered estates, residential parks and holiday parks.

The new Code provides definitive and authoritative guidance for managers and owners responsible for the LPG infrastructure supplying multiple properties, ensuring optimum installation design and maximum safety. It covers planning, contract terms, Pipeline Safety Regulation (PSR) compliance, pipework design and water course consideration. The document also contains updated guidance on the positioning of utility apparatus, trench measurements and meter housing placement.

UKLPG has partnered with the Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) in the publication of Code of Practice 24 Part 3, which is designed to ensure the safe use of LPG at the thousands of outdoor events that take place across the country from festivals and markets, to weddings and sports events as well as the increasing number of permanent street food pitches across the country.

This Code provides comprehensive guidance on all aspects of using LPG for cooking in mobile units, tents, marquees and stalls covering areas such as transportation, storage, set up, ventilation and the disposal of empty cylinders. 

Updates to our Gas Safety Training manuals

To bring our manuals up to date and in-line with the new industry standards and guidance notes, we are undertaking an update of several of our training manuals. Beginning with the manual for our LCL Domestic Natural Gas qualification, which now covers the revised Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations, Unsafe Situations Procedure, Safe Electrical Isolation, Handling of Asbestos, information on pipework and boiler plus requirements. This manual will be available from the beginning of February. After that we will be publishing revised editions of our LPG and Catering Gas Safety Training Manuals which will cover the changes to the updated regulations and standards.

These will be available towards the end of March or beginning of April.

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