Happy 70th birthday to Gas Cert’s MD

03 Mar 2021

George Louden and his wife, Elaine

George Louden, a key figure in the Scotland’s gas training sector and managing director of LCL Award’s centre, Gas Certification Company, turns seventy at the end of this week (5th March).

George’s gas career began in 1966 and he spent several years working as a trainer and assessor for British Gas before setting out on his own with a mobile training and assessment business.

At the end of the 1990s George decided to find a permanent site for the business and chose Blantyre, just south of Glasgow as a base. With the support of his wife Elaine, who is Finance Director, Gas Certification Company, as we know it today, came into being.

Gas Cert, as the company is more affectionately/informally known, is highly respected by the sector and gas engineers throughout Scotland. George’s commitment to and knowledge of the gas industry is second to none.   With over 7,000 gas engineers on its database the company has been training and assessing operatives North of the Border for many years.

That George is still so closely involved in the business is testament to his commitment.  Carolynn Edgeworth, who has been Office Manager at Gas Cert since 2014 puts it down to the fact that he really cares about the candidates and those who work for him.

“We’re a great team and we all work together to make sure the centre runs as George would like it to. We keep our standards high, striving to do the right thing the right way. Many of our candidates come back year after year. In fact some of them have been coming to us since George had his mobile business all those years ago.

“George takes the time to get to know his staff and will always stop for a chat. Although he’s very witty and loves to crack a joke, we all know George is the one with the knowledge. Everyone has huge respect for him.”

Outside work, George enjoys reading and watching football. Plans to celebrate his birthday this week are on hold due to the lockdown, but when it’s over, Gas Cert plan to mark George’s milestone with a company day at the races!

 Mark Krull, Director of LCL Awards, has known George for many years:  “George and his wife, Elaine, have been at the helm of Gas Certification Company since the start, and George is an authority and legend in both the industry and Scotland. We’d all like to wish him a very happy birthday.”

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