Government push-back on Smart Meter deadline offers potential to centres

25 Oct 2019

Last month the government extended the deadline for its smart meter roll-out from 2020 to 2024. Largely due to a lack of confidence in the original technology and the reliability of the SMETS1 devices, installation figures have fallen way behind projections so there’s an urgent demand for installers to help redress the shortfall.

Second generation SMETS2 meters have been developed to deal with the issues of their forerunners and we believe this is an excellent time for you to promote your LCL Awards smart meter training courses, or start delivering them if they’re not already part of your qualifications suite, Demand for installers will increase dramatically in 2020. 

The facts and figures

Figures produced by the National Audit Office show that although the speed of installations is revving up, there’s a long way to go. The government has committed to offer every household in the UK a smart meter by the end of 2020 we’re looking at a potential total of 51.6 million installations by the end of 2024.

Mark Krull, Director of LCL Awards said: "There has never been a better time to look at Smart Metering. There’s a shortfall of centres offering the qualifications to meet the demand and we’re currently looking for high quality centres to help us support the drive for excellence in training. We are reviewing and improving our awards for 2020 and looking at extending our Level 2 Diploma next year to a Level 3."

What to do next

If you’re interested joining the Smart Meter Revolution there are a number of things to do. As most training is undertaken through the energy companies, you’ll need to focus on your target audience. Will it be the energy companies or their contractors? And will the training you offer focus on entrants, existing installers, or those seeking a change in career?  Smart Metering could attract the Apprenticeship Levy  for youngsters, if the centre is ESFA registered, and ex-service personnel will be able to use their ELC entitlement to retrain in the field. LCL centres must be ESFA registered to be eligible for funding.

In order to deliver training, you’ll need to register with NSAP. The National Skills Academy for Power works with energy suppliers and meter operators from across the gas and power industries on training standards and training programmes for Smart Metering installers. It is a requirement of the Ofgem approved SMICoP (Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice) that Meter Operators use only Smart Meter workers who have received training from an NSAP accredited provider.

You’ll also need to ensure that your practical facilities are up to speed – in order to deliver the very best in training.

We’re here to help

We offer the following qualifications in the Smart Metering sector to support future employment routes into the industry:

Level 2 Diploma in Smart Metering (Dual Fuel Meters)

Level 2 Diploma in Smart Metering (Gas)

Level 2 Diploma in Smart Metering (Power)

In addition we offer the following route for training through ACS centres:

ACS – Core Domestic and Non-Domestic Emergency Service (CESP1), Gas Metering (CMA1/CMA3)

As one of the foremost awarding bodies involved in smart metering, we are able to offer you a wealth of experience and would be delighted to help you in setting up to deliver high quality training in the sector. We have already seen an increase in interest as the government roll-back has given the energy companies the confidence to look at recruitment again. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or speak to your EV.