Future standards for Awarding Organisations

21 Jan 2020

Throughout 2019, Ofqual, Qualifications Wales and CEA have reviewed and consulted on the recognition criteria for Awarding Organisations (AOs) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The consultation is to ensure risks associated with qualification delivery at centres is minimised and that employers can have confidence in regulated qualifications.

As an outcome there have been a number of changes, focusing on the regulations governing AOs, Conditions of Recognition and Mandatory Guidance. There are also new controls focusing on centre assessment judgements.

Other changes include the set minimum requirements that an AO’s verification must meet, which provide for a less prescriptive approach. Each individual AO must determine the most effective controls for their own qualifications.

Other proposed changes to the Conditions of Recognition include:

  • Awarding organisation controls for centre based assessments
  • Publication of fees and qualification features
  • Safeguards on change of control
  • Management of incidents, conflict of interest and personal interest
  • Recognition of prior learning

Ofqual says in its description of the process:

“As qualifications regulators we are committed to protecting the interests of learners, maintaining standards in qualifications and promoting confidence in the qualifications system. We work closely together, and many of the awarding organisations we regulate are common to us all.

“The Conditions of Recognition are the rules we set for the awarding organisations we regulate. Every recognised awarding organisation must make sure it, and all of its regulated qualifications, meet the Conditions.”

In anticipation of these we have recently implemented updates to our moderation & verification process that already meet many of the recommendations set out by the consultation. Overall, the impact of Ofqual’s proposed changes will be minimal for our centres.

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