Catering equipment event looks to the future

25 Nov 2019

LCL Awards’ Technical Expert & External Verifier, Steve Humphreys, recently led a session on the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations for CEDA, the Catering Equipment Distributors Association and CESA, the Catering Equipment industry's largest trade organisation. Steve joined others from the catering sector as part of a Service Engineers CPD Forum on 9th October in Cannock in Staffordshire.

Latest technologies

The event was set up to give technicians the opportunity to discuss issues relating to catering equipment and attend a variety of manufacturer ‘surgeries’. A wide range of well known companies were represented and there was much speculation about the future; from the challenges of 24/7 delivery options to 3D printing of spare parts.

There were a number of exciting technological developments on show and several manufacturers demonstrated new products. Testo demonstrated their new 300 flue gas analyser that reports results via smartphone and allows remote monitoring of equipment and Meiko explained how their warewasher system works to remove chlorine from the water so that stock can be cleaned and left sparkling.

New regulations

With the future in mind, CESA director Keith Warren, reported on a raft of regulations updates:

“Consultants are working on a programme to manufacture catering equipment powered by hydrogen, which could help to achieve the government’s drive for a net zero carbon economy by 2050.”

Chris Playford, Foster’s market and development director, explored the implications of the new F-Gas regulations and the impact the phasing out of R404a will have on the industry. Hydrocarbon gases which have replaced HFCs are more flammable and therefore limited in appliances for safety reasons. Chris explained that lowering levels of gas can impact a refrigerator’s condenser performance and that industry is looking at the possibility of increasing HC charge rates.

LCL Awards at the forefront of training

Steve Humphreys’ session covered the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, which came into effect at the beginning of 2019. Steve explained that although the new wiring regulations set out safety standards, which should be followed as general guidance, technicians should ultimately follow manufacturer’s instructions as these always supersede regulations.

To ensure their own safety and the safety of the equipment they work with, Steve urged catering technicians not to get involved in work they felt uncomfortable with and recommended they take a course in isolating electrical appliances to gain the experience and confidence required. When questioned about potential changes in regulations due to Brexit, Steve said he believed the amount of regulations would not decrease should we leave the EU.

For more information about LCL Awards’ electrical qualifications, including 18th Edition, click here.