XAMS – A bright future for assessment

31 Jan 2018

We have adopted a system of computer-based assessments called XAMS, which offers our centres greater flexibility and their learners a user-friendly interface for taking exams. We are looking  for more centres to take up what is proving to be a secure and hassle-free means of assessment for a growing number of LCL qualifications.

Here are some of the benefits the XAMS system offers, both centres and learners:

Centre benefits

  • no need for an assessor to mark assessments
  • instant results
  • no need for the centre to ‘internally verify’ results
  • more secure than paper exams
  • removes the potential for human error
  • saves time – less admin, automatic marking
  • cuts down paper waste and postage costs

And for learners

  • accessible, user-friendly interface
  • less writing as most of the answers are multiple choice
  • option to review and change answers before finally submitting paper
  • immediate results
  • dummy tests to familiarise learners with the system

The XAMS system, which is most commonly used on-line via a variety of browsers, also has the potential to be offered offline.

Currently, the LCL qualifications available on the XAMS system are as follows:

We will be launching a number of qualifications this year for which assessment will only be available via XAMS and see real potential in widening our provision of online assessment.

Rachael Creamer, from Business Edge has been using XAMS since last Summer and is pleased with the flexibility the system offers.  She says “The XAMS system works really well for us. It’s quick, user-friendly and great that we get the results straight-away.”

For more information and to talk through setting up the system, please contact us.