IGEM to carry out gas training audit

15 May 2018

The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) has been selected to carry out the audit that will standardise the quality of gas industry training for new entrants.

So-called “fast-track” gas training programmes have brought some criticism on the gas industry in recent years. The audit is intended to regulate the quality of gas training for new entrants, ensuring that the interests of the trainee and consumer are at their core and the reputation of the gas industry is maintained.

Training programmes recognised by the IGEM will be authorised for three years and subject to yearly audits to ensure standards are adhered to long-term. 

The IGEM have already started the process to ensure that all training initiatives being offered to students and newcomers across the country are up to scratch. As from 1 October 2018, assessment centres will have to ensure that new entrants taking an ACS exam have first undertaken a relevant industry-recognised training programme. 

The IGEM’s report IGEM/IG1 Standards of Training in Gas Work, published last year, will set out the improved standards and provide the basis for official industry guidance on installing and using gas systems and appliances.

Ian McCluskey, IGEM Head of Technical Services, said:

“While the majority of training and assessments being carried out across the UK meet the high standards required, there have been growing concerns in recent years that some ACS training programmes are not providing a sufficient depth of knowledge and experience for trainees to be reasonably declared competent.

“In response, the industry is now taking steps to create a single, recognised route of training for new entrants to the gas industry who wish to pass their ACS assessment. It is hoped this new training pathway will mean any concerns over the quality of training being provided can be traced back to the training centre involved, allowing action to be taken if required.”

Logic Certification is ready

Logic Certification offers Managed Learning Programmes (MLP) for new entrants to the gas industry which is subject to the new regulations. 

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