GET gets on board with Gas Auditing

25 Jan 2018

Last September, Logic Certification (LCL) launched two new qualifications for those with responsibilities for auditing gas businesses.  One of the first approved centres to deliver the new qualifications was GET (Gas Educational Training) in Glasgow.  It’s first group of Gas Auditing Learners attained the Level 3 Award in Auditing a Gas Business at the end of November.  Most of these learners are now working towards the second qualification in Auditing a Gas Business’s Work Management Procedures.

About GET 

GET, which offers trainees a state of the art learning environment for all aspects of gas training, began life in a more modest setting.  It was set up in 2015 by Gas Call Services Ltd, who wanted to provide contract specific gas training for their employees. Their plan, to create a bespoke training centre inside their head office in Glasgow, was so successful that they then expanded the enterprise and set up a new purpose built LCL Approved Centre of Excellence, in adjoining premises.

GET were keen to offer LCL’s new gas auditing qualification to supplement their extensive range of gas courses, realising how useful they would be, particularly for those working in the social housing sector or for private landlords.  Jim O’Neill, Centre Manager at GET was one of the first to sign up, he said:

“Previous generic auditing courses have always been available for adaptation but to have a training course designed for those who audit the specific legislative compliance and performance of gas work and management will make a positive contribution to gas safety awareness for individuals, businesses and clients.”

Two specialist courses to suit different needs

Level 3 Award in Auditing a Gas Business’ Work Management Procedures

LCL’s Level 3 Award in Auditing a Gas Business’ Work Management Procedures is aimed at those within a managerial role with responsibilities for auditing a business’s working practices.  The course looks at best practice for recruiting and monitoring staff performance as well as requirements for staff safety.  It also covers training and work allocation and offers guidance for customer care.

Once the course is completed, candidates are required to carry out an actual audit of a gas business’s management procedures before they qualify.  It can be an audit on their own company and although there is no strict time-frame it is expected that it is completed within a reasonable period.  

Jim O’Neill explained why he was attracted to the course: “It provides clear methodology and guidance for the planning, implementation, monitoring, reviewing and improving gas business systems.  The course covers an extensive range of specific areas of compliance that may not be fully considered within any existing company ISO, OHAS or other audit scopes.  It provides a robust benchmark for gas business systems Managers and Auditors.”

Level 3 Award in Auditing of Gas Work

The other gas auditing course that LCL has developed, a Level 3 Award in Auditing of Gas Work, covers similar content to the first but is more specialised and contains a technical element.

The qualification is designed for those with responsibilities for quality control. Example candidates include those who are currently involved in, or seeking to be employed in, auditing technical areas of gas work.  Because of this technical aspect, candidates must hold a current and valid certificate of gas safety competence for the range and type of gas appliances upon which work is audited before they apply.

The training provides candidates with the knowledge to plan for and conduct an audit and to write up reports and recommendations afterwards.  The course sets out the benefits of having a robust quality control system in place and shows candidates how to identify, record and action work that is incorrect, incomplete or unsafe.

Setting up with LCL

When GET decided they wanted to offer the qualifications, the set-up process was straightforward.  LCL provided set-up advice, course guidance and all the necessary learning materials.  The whole procedure from application to approval was complete in just four weeks.  

Once they were ready to go, GET promoted and marketed the courses through their own website, Gas Safe Register and social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The first cohort that signed up, for the Auditing of Gas Work course were all from medium sized companies.  The candidates included Managers with responsibilities for quality management systems, Contract Managers, Quality Control Managers and Quality Control Inspectors.  Four of the six who attended the course are currently preparing a portfolio audit of their company’s work management procedures, in order to achieve the second qualification.

Jim O’Neill thinks the design of the course is particularly suited to the subject, he said: “This type of qualification readily lends itself to discussion, interaction and sharing personal experiences, which in turn has positive impact on the learners understanding and appreciation of the requirements and benefits of producing a good quality professional audit report.”

Feedback on the delivery and course content has been extremely positive.  Alan Lowe of Gas Call Services Ltd said, “I’ve been on lots of auditing courses in the past but this one has given me a wider perspective.  The structure and scope of the course encourages you to look at an audit from more than one viewpoint and encourages a positive, practical approach to problem solving through its methodical approach.  We’re going to put the rest of our Managers through the qualification as it will help them and help our business, I’d highly recommend it.”

In summing up, Jim O’Neill believes he has made a good choice in offering LCL’s specialist gas auditing qualifications.  He said, “having been involved in auditing and reporting of gas work compliance for over 20 years, it will be beneficial to the industry, that there is now a recognised qualification for this skill set that benchmarks the scope and attributes required for those carrying out gas work and gas business management auditing.” 

For more information about becoming an LCL approved centre, click here.

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