Changes to pre-entry requirements for ACS. Are you up to speed?

08 Nov 2018

In order to improve safety standards and training provision the ACS Strategic Management Board has updated the ACS entry requirements for both new entrants and experienced engineers wishing to extend their qualifications. The changes are set out in Guidance Note 8 (GN8) and came into effect on 1st October.

New GN8

The changes outlined in document GN8 will help ensure that all new entrants to the gas industry have appropriate on-site experience prior to making an application for training.

As well as stipulating new pre-entry guidelines for new entrants, the guidance note sets out updated pre-requisites for experienced operatives intending to extend their scope or range of certification.  Candidates must prove that they have been on the Gas Safe Register for at least six months in order to:

  • Extend Scope: moving from one sector to another e.g. Domestic to Commercial, Catering or LPG changeover, and
  • Extend Range: where they are remaining within the sector but adding additional appliances or modules e.g. holding CCN1 & CENWAT and adding Fires (HTR1) or Cookers (CKR1).   

The update is not intended to prevent or restrict advancement but to ensure consistency and provide practical guidance to assist compliance with GSIUR - Regulation 3 Qualification and Supervision. It has been brought in to ensure that gas engineers do not undertake gas work on appliances or systems for which they have insufficient training and experience.

Approved Centres should ensure all staff are familiar with and understand the new requirements so that ACS candidates are able to undertake the appropriate training.

For more information about LCL's ACS qualifications, click here.